All Star Weekend Casualty: Kobe Bryant Shades Raqi Thunda At Michael Jordan’s Birthday Party

When you’re a star on a hit VH1 Reality TV Show you would think life came with perks, right? Well apparently not a single f*** is given about Love & Hip Hop’s Hip Hop Confidant aka Raqi Thunda. At least not at Michael Jordan’s All Star party.

So the tea goes as follows: The legendary Michael Jordan celebrated his 50th birthday on Friday night with a true All Star Weekend Extravaganza. Everyone who is ANYONE was at this party. From Jay Z and Beyonce, to Carmelo & Lebron, they were all there. Love & Hip Ho’s Raqi was in town for the festivities as well. To my knowledge she wasn’t hosting any parties so its quite possible she was in town to snag a Baller. Who knows, we just know that she was there. When Raqi arrives to the door its noticeable to those that watch the show that she is indeed Raqi from the show. She looked a little worn out though. Her hair was a frizzy mess, her makeup wasn’t all that great and she wasn’t dressed for a lavish black tie event at all. Maybe she couldn’t make it to the MAC counter at the mall for a $50 makeover or maybe she’s so good in the hood she doesn’t need to dress up for Michael Jordan. She IS the hip hop confidant after all.

Anyway, Raqi gets to the door and gives the door person her name. They refuse her entry. Awkward. Someone walks up and asks “Hey, aren’t you on Love & Hip Hop” to which Raqi answers “Yes”. The door person clearly doesn’t care, Raqi still isn’t getting in. Even More Awkward. Twenty minutes or so pass and Raqi makes it into the event.

While inside Raqi spots an abundance of Ballers. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony gathered to converse amongst each other. This is the epitome of sports excellence all in one place. So, what does Raqi do? She jumps in the middle of them and attempts to strike a conversation. They give her the old smile and nod treatment, not to come off rude,  but when she reaches to give Kobe a hug, as if the girl had anthrax, Kobe flings his hands up like “Nahhhhh” and rejects her. You would have thought Raqi had sh** on her face the way Kobe tried to get her the f*** out of there! HILARIOUS!

Needless to say Raqi spent the remainder of the night quietly hanging by the bar which was relatively close to Beyonce and Jay Z’s table. Of course security wouldn’t let her anywhere near them, although Drake could get to them with no problem.

Goes to show, no matter how big you think you are, you need to always know when to chill. You also need to make sure that if you’re going to put up the celebrity facade, you can’t play yourself in public. Evelyn Lozada, Nene Leakes, Draya and even Tahiry would have never got played like this. Even Joseline Hernandez would have gotten some love. Poor Thunda. I bet Jen The Pen could have got it done, she’s white.

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