Amanda Please! Amanda Bynes Talks Depression, Drug Addiction And Acting Comeback In New Paper Magazine Interview: “I Went Into A Deep Depression For Four To Six Months”

Amanda, Please! Is what we all were thinking when we saw longtime actress #AmandaBynes grace the cover of Paper Magazine. In an interview, the now 32-year-old discussed her break from stardom, depression, drug addiction and her new endeavors.

Bynes has given us some of the greatest pieces of our childhood, from being on Nickelodeon’s teen sketch-comedy show, “All That,” to having her own program, “The Amanda Show.” Bynes tackled the television industry and quickly transitioned into film with successful movies like “What a Girl Wants,” She’s the Man,” and so many more. However, the actress says it was after seeing herself as a boy in “She’s the Man” that caused her to go into a four to six month-long depression, and watching herself in “Easy A” prompted her to quit acting “right away.”

I didn’t like how I looked when I was a boy,” she said of her role in “She’s the Man.” “I was high on marijuana when I saw that but for some reason it really started to affect me. I don’t know if it was a drug-induced psychosis or what, but it affected my brain in a different way than it affects other people,” she revealed. “It absolutely changed my perception of things.” Eventually Bynes retired and began staying at home and living in a “really dark, sad world.”

Smoking marijuana started at the age of 16 Bynes admitted. “I didn’t get addicted [then] and I wasn’t abusing it. And I wasn’t going out and partying or making a fool of myself … yet.” Marijuana led her to molly and from molly to ecstasy. Bynes claimed after trying cocaine three times she realized it wasn’t for her and stuck with Adderall as her preferred drug of choice. Bynes ended up faking ADD symptoms to get an Adderall prescription.  Bynes’ addiction became so severe she had to drop out of shooting Hall Pass (2010) because “the mixture of being so high that I couldn’t remember my lines and not liking my appearance.”

Today, Bynes is now four years sober after being placed on a psychiatric hold and under a conservatorship; her family has been right by her side. Now Bynes is enrolling into the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) to pursue a career in fashion, and says it’s time to get back to acting. “What’s there to lose? I have no fear of the future. I’ve been through the worst and came out the other end and survived it so I just feel like it’s only up from here.”

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