Amber Rose Ex-Publicist Is Still Talking – “Amber Rose Trampled The Hand That Fed Her”

Amber Rose’s ex-publicist is still talking. He is very passionate about exposing her and how she treated Kanye West. He almost acts as if him and Kanye West were best friends and it’s his duty to inform him of the things she did if what he is saying is true.

Furthermore, he puts up e-mails about her getting paid 100k for the Robocop video. Now he claims she was paid 100k and he is owed 20k but in the e-mails he posted he blacks out the amount he is asking for. Then he claims he took her to the 711 to pull out 2k. Now everyone knows you can’t take more than 200 dollars out of a 711 ATM lol..

I still don’t get why this dude is talking and in his e-mails to Amber he says how he is done with the entertainment business. I really hope he is done because who would sign with this guy knowing that if shit goes sour he is going to go run tell that?

I don’t get it…

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