Amber Rose Opens Up About Being “Too Pretty” To Sell Crack And Dating High-Profile Men: “I Don’t Trust People That Have Nothing To Lose”

Amber Rose says she being “too pretty” made it difficult for her to sell crack back in the day.

The Amber Rose we know today is a body and sex-positive, women’s’ rights advocate who has built a brand off making women feel more comfortable in their bodies. However, Rose revealed to #VanLathan that she once tried to sell drugs back in her hometown of Philly.

“I tried selling crack in my neighborhood,” she explained. “They said I was gonna get robbed. I was a girl, and I was too pretty, and it wasn’t going to happen.” She eventually opted to “bag up the crack rocks for them” instead to get a cut from their hustle, Hot New Hip Hop reports. During the Red Pill Podcast, Rose also discussed how there is a double standard when it comes to men getting a “pass” for doing certain activities that are frowned upon for survival.

Rose opened up about how dating men with money isn’t due to her lacking her own but merely wanting to be safe. Rose says while “regular” men may catch her attention she is not comfortable with dating someone who may have “nothing to lose” and end up wanting to rob her later.

“I don’t trust people in my home that have nothing to lose. I don’t trust people around my family that have nothing to lose. Yes, the guy that works at Starbucks is probably amazing, but will he steal from me? I don’t know. He doesn’t really have much to lose,” said Rose. “I’ve had people that worked for me that had nothing to lose that stole from me. So for me to actually bring someone in my life and date them it’s just they need to bring something to the table where I feel secure enough that they’re not gonna use me for any other reason.”

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