Baller Alert recently had the opportunity to chat it up with Justin Miller of the Oakland Raiders. He was a pleasure to converse with as we talked about how he spent the off-season, what he wants in a woman & more. He also tried converting me from the burgundy & gold to the black & silver. Needless to say he was totally unsuccessful!

Check out our interview below.

BA: Hey Justin, how are you?

JM: I’m good, how are you?

BA: I’m good. Let’s get things started. How does it feel to be Justin knowing you wake up everyday doing something you were born to do on a professional level?

JM: I’m excited everyday to be me honestly. I wouldn’t want to be in anyone else’s shoes. I feel its a blessing for me to do something I love to do & have been doing it since I was 9 yrs old. I wouldn’t trade it in for nothing.

BA: I feel the same way, I love what I do. Talking to people, getting to know them on a more personal level. Its key, you have to love what you do.

JM: So, we can talk all day, huh? (laughs)

BA: I see you were born on that special day (February 14th) a day designated for us women. Speaking of which, are you currently dating anyone?

JM: I’m interested, I don’t really know what it is.

BA: (laughs) In that sense, what kind of lady are you interested in?

JM: Ahh, I’m into a classy woman, a woman that has her situation together, ambitious, goal driven, knows how to carry herself in public as well in the eyes of my peers & family. One who loves the Lord. One that at the end of the day is a cool person.

BA: With you being in the public eye would you prefer someone in the same light or a low-key type of chic?

JM: It really doesn’t even matter honestly. I feel if you have yourself together, then its cool. You’d have to understand my life is going to be a little different than the average. But if you can handle that & step up to the challenge, then I’m willing to give anyone a chance. I don’t think I’m no different than anyone else.

BA: How did you spend your off-season?

JM: Majority of my off-season I’ve been working out. I vacation with some of my teammates. I do a little bit of traveling. I prepare for the upcoming season, doing a lot of press work.

BA: Since you left the Jets who had a decent season & currently with the Raiders whose season was below average, what do you think you’ll bring to the team?

JM: I think the league is very interesting. One year your team might not be the best team & then the next you make the playoffs. Prime example of that is New England. I think the best thing for us is to go out & play our hardest. We have a lot of talent. I won’t say I’m the one key element that will make this team go or stop. I think collectively, if we all strive to be the best players that we can be then we’ll be good. Thats the type of energy & mentality I’d like to bring to the team.

BA: I love football & I’m a Redskins fan, sorry. I’m from the DC area, but I’ll be sure to check you out on the field.

JM: (laughs) We gotta try & convert you right quick then.

BA: Our site focuses on the idea of the baller lifestyle; the finer things in life. What has been the most expensive purchase outside of property that you’ve made for yourself? What has been the most generous purchase you’ve made for someone that you’re interested in?

JM: I don’t buy jewelry for women. That’s like a big commitment for ME. I’d have to say, my benz would be the most expensive purchase I’ve made for myself outside of property.

BA: Now you don’t have to buy women jewelry, there are other things out there. But I understand jewelry for men can be a big commitment.

JM: Now I won’t say that I’m not like the rest & haven’t bought a couple of Louis or Gucci bags. I’ve bought a couple Birkin bags. I’m very picky myself, I dress different, got a lil swag. I like to spoil myself.

BA: I mean you’re supposed to, if you don’t treat yourself well, who’s going to do it?

JM: (laughs) I mean, I don’t know. I’m a little too old to call on my mama to do it.

BA: Now I know you’ve been keeping an eye on the news & sports center, how do you feel about the Dante Stallworth & Michael Vick situation?

JM: First of all its an unfortunate situation. I don’t think anyone would want to go through this process. In those types of situations what happens is unfortunately out of our hands. I’m sure its nothing he intentionally wanted to happen. Its nothing we can do about it, but go along with the process. All you can do is pray & hope for the best. As a fellow player, I still hope for the best for him. I wouldn’t want to go through it or be out of the league. With the Michael Vick situation, man, its kinda like in the same category. What we might not find that big of a deal, someone does. Its what we take from the situation & learn from it, so we don’t make the same mistake twice.

BA: I hear he’s being suspended without pay. I don’t know how you guys feel about that, but any day without getting a check is painful.

JM: Who you tellin, especially when its a lifestyle paying more than any other job.

BA: Outside of football, what are you into? i.e. Community Service projects.

JM: My main focus is to help the youth. This weekend I’m going to Alabama & work with my former teammate & work with underprivileged youth. Also working with John Bowie & his camp. I’m currently in the process with starting my own non-profit organization. Not too many people try & reach back to the community & try & direct kids in the right direction to let them know there is another way out despite the negative.

BA: How do you handle those women who are overly thirsty? i.e. groupies.

JM: (laughs) Wow. I guess I can say, for a rookie, its kinda hard to decipher. You really don’t know who’s out there for the attention, or those who really want you. So sometimes you have to rely on other people, in the same sense you do your own process of elimination. Like I tell every dude, every female has a past, just like every male has one. Everybody may not be the perfect person for you. At the end of the day you have to make that decision for yourself. I think the longer you’re in it you’ll be able to tell who’s a groupie or not. If I see a chic out one week with a dude that plays ball & then the next week she’s with another dude that plays ball, then its pretty obvious she’s a groupie.

Justin was a pleasure to talk to. Although his attempts in trying to convert me were unsuccessful I give him an A for effort. He went on to say, when it comes to relationships he’d want a woman who would compliment him as well as help him strive to continue being a better man. A power couple as he stated. Something like Jay & Beyonce, they both add something to one another. Ladies, it also helps in his book if you know a little about sports preferably in the football arena. You heard it here first on! Be on the lookout for Justin Miller #22 with the Oakland Raiders this season.

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