And You Can Run Tell Dat Homeboy!!! Ballers Beware Of These Top 5 “Run Tell Dat” Hoes

There is absolutely nothing in the world worse than a person who kisses and tells! Actually there is something worse, it’s a person who sucks peen and tells! Here’s my Top 5 list of “Run Tell Dat” Hoes who can’t seem to keep their legs OR their mouths shut!

Kat Stacks: She’s one of the newbies on the list. She is both an example of when telling goes right and when it goes terribly wrong. She’s seemed to make tattle-telling work for her using Twitter and Youtube as her median. She lures rappers in by promising them sex in her Twitter DM’s, has sex with them, and when she doesn’t get her way releases a video putting the rapper on blast! She releases everything from their phone numbers to their most personal secrets. Yeah she’s been in magazines & hosting parties but Kat Stacks’ loose lips have gotten her in a lot of hot water as well. She’s been in a slew of physical altercations, has had CPS threaten to take away her child, gets verbally abused on the regular, and all around gets no respect. Is it worth it for a little attention? Probably not!

Raz B (formerly of B2k): It’s probably extremely mean to put Raz B on this list but I have to be 100% honest. Raz B went from being part of R&B’s successful boy bands to being a total joke. It began last year when he made an allegation that he, his older brother and his bandmates were molested by Chris Stokes and Marques Houston. It was tragic and his story was very believable. Honestly to this day, I still believe him. Only problem is, shortly after, he recanted the story. Now Raz B is back with these allegations once again. He’s taken to Worldstar Hip Hop, Youtube and Twitter and has even painted himself as more of a psycho than an actual victim. And like before, he’s stopped with the allegations again. What’s the problem? Well, rather than making Youtube videos and going on Twitter rants, Raz has neglected to take any type of legal action. Instead of encouraging those who have been sexually abused to speak out, he is scaring them. Raz B, this is a great time for you to take a seat or two.

Tiger Woods’ Mistresses: All 350 of them (i’m exaggerating) are a hot mess! It was just earlier this year when Tiger Woods found his life turned upside down by the lights of one jump-off. Shortly thereafter, it seems that every porn star, stripper and blonde Barbie came out of the woodworks to say she too had slept with Tiger. The problem with this is, Tiger didn’t deny it and the media loved it! These girls were offered book deals, were on Oprah, were treated like everything but the groupies they were. It seems that the ever so squeaky clean Tiger Woods had a few blonde haired blue eyed skeletons in his closet that have cost him a hefty divorce settlement!

Amber Rose: Well, she hasn’t exactly kissed and told just yet, but she’s planning on finally telling her side of the story regarding her relationship with Kanye West in the form of a reality show. What could there possibly be to tell? You were a stripper when he met you, now you’re a pseudo celebrity. You won! You were paid, given a new swag and laced in Louis Vuitton to simply keep your mouth and be pretty. I know a million other women who wouldn’t mind that gig. Why tell all about Kanye West now? Why get a TV show? Now that you’re not with Yeezy no one really cares much about what’s going on with your life anymore.

Last but not least we have the queen of Kiss & Tell….Karrine “Superhead” Steffans! This woman has turned her Ho Sh-t into something lucrative by signing book deals, getting interviews with Oprah and still managing to sex up your favorite A-lister. Although she’s seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, Karrine found a way to brand herself and made it so that everyone after her is just considered a low budget carbon copy of the real thing. Theres not a groupie or Kat Stacks in the world who can do what Superhead has managed to do. Who would have thought her mouth would get her so far!

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