Animal Rights Group Calls Kylie Jenner A “Monster” For Wearing Furs

Animal Rights Group Calls Kylie Jenner A “Monster” For Wearing Furs

Animal rights activists are not letting up on their efforts to stop beauty mogul Kylie Jenner from wearing fur.

Over the weekend, the SoCal Animal Defense League, an affiliate of PETA, badgered the 23-year-old billionaire in Beverly Hills. They called her a monster as she shopped at the luxury designer store Moncler, known for selling fox fur coats.

PETA says that they are not trying to rid Jenner’s wardrobe of fur. Instead, they hope that the Kylie Cosmetics founder will commit to switching over to faux furs instead, which her big sister Kim Kardashian has already done. In June 2019, Kim took to Instagram to let fans know that she had faux replicas made of all of her favorite furs.

TMZ reports that animal rights groups are committed to showing up wherever Jenner is spotted and harassing her in hopes that she will turn over a new leaf by leaving authentic fur goods alone for good.

Kylie Cosmetics advertises that they do not conduct testing on animals. However, PETA is not satisfied with this. They would like Jenner to take it a step further by adding her cosmetics company to their database of certified cruelty-free beauty companies.

As of now, Jenner has no plans of transitioning to faux fur despite the harassment.


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