Another Day, Another Plea Copped By Amber Rose

Can I start this blog off by saying, I don’t “hate” Amber. Not even a little bit. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl. My issue is with the constant cop outs, complaining and everything else that comes with what she wants so badly….attention! She wants attention, but then doesn’t want attention. She tries to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes so that we sympathize but the moment someone doesn’t fall for the okie doke, she feels like a victim. In a blog posted on Amber’s site she went on a bit of a rant about how she feels she is being scrutinized because she is a woman and people criticizing her trip to Africa, saying that she was only highlighting the poor side and that she shouldn’t have been there anyway. Read below


U do something positive in this industry u get scrutinized I really came to the conclusion that its not even about me its the fact that I’m a woman. Men in the entertainment industry are praised constantly for their ” wrong doings”. if ur a drug dealer and u took care of ur family before ur fame everyone understands. If u get shot in the mist of u hustling ur cool as fuck. If a mans naked pics hit the internet ppl think its cute or funny then just talk about how big he is. A Man can date 20 models at the same time and he is respected by the world and if a girl does it she’s a disgusting whore and a “Star Fucker” Women get destroyed by the media and our peers constantly but I am writing this to specifically speak about myslf. Regardless of the fact I dated Kanye for 2 years or the fact I was a stripper at 15 years old or that my most private pics were stolen from me and a new batch hit the internet every week, I am a human being. I’m a daughter, a best friend, a great wife and a all around good person. i never speak negatively about anyone. Have I? NO. U think i don’t want to? I course I do I’m human. But I keep my life positive and I stay strong every time my ex talks about me in his songs or when these blogs tell nothing but lies about me or when ppl say that I shouldn’t be speaking to young girls in Africa. Why wouldn’t I speak to those girls? I AM West African just like them, I grew up poor just like them, most of those girls quit school to take care of their families JUST LIKE I DID. So how the hell do they not relate to my life and I theirs??? Talking to those young girls wasn’t a job for me feeding those kids wasn’t a job for me it wasn’t for publicity and I didn’t get paid to do it. I went there cuz I LOVE to help ppl. I DON’T want a pat on the back for shit that I do from my heart or even a thank u it was my blessing to go out to Ghana it is a second home for me now and it changed my life FOREVER! So don’t criticize me and say why is Kanye’s ex stripper Girlfriend in Africa I am so much more then that smh there is a reason why he loved me so much and theres a reason why Wiz loves me so much now did u ever think maybe I’m just a sweet person? Every girl reading this has an ex boyfriend and every guy reading this is most likely dating a girl that has been with more then 1 guy. So what have I done to everyone? Its it because u think I am undeserving of this life because of my past? Or is it pure hatred? If I was a man and dated 2 female artist would that be ok? Thats not as bad right? Bullshit. And the one thing that is extremely upsetting is the fact that woman criticize me more then men do. Look at yourselves before u criticize someone u don’t know Look at the mistakes you’ve made in ur life. ppl are so negative it’s ridiculous But I will continue to be positive, Loving and all about women empowerment and to my Rosebuds I know u guys get it and I LOOOOVE u so much for supporting me through all of this nonsense. Thank u -Amb


First of all, I agree with Amber. No one should have told her not to visit Africa. She has just as much right to go there and talk with the young girls as anyone. The youth in Africa really have a love for American culture, almost as much as they love their own. I doubt she was telling the young girls to find the first opportunity they can to swing off the nearest bamboo stripper pole. At least I hope that wasn’t what she told them. On the flip side, I hope they haven’t peeped any of her crotch shots on World Star Hip Hop either. But I digress. 


One thing about Amber that has always bothered me is her lack of taking responsibility for HER actions. It’s always “Well if a guy did it then no one would care” or “My computer was hacked” etc etc. It’s never a simple “I.Fucked.Up!”. Until she learns to deal with whatever issues she has that keeps her from owning up, she’ll forever wear a target on her back. Refusing to grow up and be an adult in these situations is what makes her fair game for people who are just waiting for her to do something stupid. Myself included. When she was with Kanye, the world loved her. Why? Because she wasn’t f-cking up! Kanye had her in a position where she had to watch what she said, what she did and when she did it. Those first set of nude pics leaked and no one got on to her about it. We assumed “Hey, sh-t happens!” and let it go. So how dar she say if she were a man she would get different treatment. She got the EXACT same treatment we’d give first time offenders. The problem is, she let it happen a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th time. Amber, if nude pics weren’t released by you every given Sunday, people wouldn’t have anything to say. What male celebrity is going through such extremes for publicity? And the fact that on 5 occasions you’ve had photos leak and A) They all end up on Mediatakeout/World Star Hip Hop and B) You claim your computer/phone was hacked. Everytime! Now if my computer or phone had been hacked and someone leaked nude photos of me, first thing I would do was remove the photos from my computer or phone. It seems that in the last 365 days, if what you say is correct, you kept the photos. It’s also funny only photos are getting leaked. No phone numbers to Chris Brown, Kanye, no incriminating text messages or emails, just photographs of your vaginal cavity. Everytime! I don’t care how many rivers you cry at this point, you’d have to drown in it for me to just believe you. 


See Amber, they’re not getting passes because they’re men. They’re getting passes because they’re not being stupid. No one judged your stripper past, we know thats what you did. We don’t blame you for trying to get a new start. But when you’re constantly putting yourself in these dumb situations and then pointing the finger at everyone else (Kanye, Vibe Magazine, Hackers, Haters, etc) it gets real old. Grow up and own up honey. We appreciate you going out to Ghana, you say you weren’t paid to do so even though you were “hosting” an event, which means YOU WERE PAID to be there. It’s cool, I guess your heart is in the right place. I’ll expect your nudes in my inbox by Sunday afternoon though. 


– Smooches!

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