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Apple Users Can Now Upload COVID-19 Vaccine Cards to Digital Wallet

Apple has finally unveiled a way to add COVID-19 vaccine cards to the digital wallet.

With this latest update released on Monday, iPhone users can now upload a “verifiable” copy of their vaccine cards. Apple hopes that making this digital option will help people quickly provide proof of their vaccination status without having to keep track of their physical cards.

In order to add your card to your digital wallet, you will first need a QR code or a downloadable file from the vaccine provider. Open your phone’s camera and scan the QR code. A Health app notification will appear on the screen if you have a valid code. Tap that notification, then select “Add to Wallet & Health.” Your vaccine record will then connect to those apps. If you do not have the QR code but do have a downloadable file, pull it up on your device and tap the link to download it. Be sure that your phone is updated with the latest iOS 15.1.

Once the digital vaccine card is stored, Apple says that strict privacy settings will safeguard it. The company has no way of viewing the card, and it will not be backed up to iCloud. To view vaccine documents, users will have to verify themselves using Touch ID, passcode, or Face ID.

Apple previously announced new options for people wanting to keep their essential cards digital. They announced digital license and ID cards in certain states, including Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, and Iowa, though it is unclear when that feature will be unveiled.


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