Ask A Baller: Ray Edwards (Atlanta Falcons), Does It Bother You That They Only Want Your Money?

Have you ever wanted to get a Baller’s perspective on things, maybe life situations, groupies, want to know if he’d ever let his baby mama do Basketball Wives? Well here’s your chance to get those questions answered!


Remember Ray Edwards of the Atlanta Falcons? Well we had another ‘Ask a Baller’ question for him. Check it out below:


Question: Does it piss you off to know that all of the women in your life are after your money and don’t give a damn about who you are as a person? (via DiamondKiss)



Answer: In some cases but I look at it this way, who wants to be with someone who’s broke? I don’t want to be with somebody who’s broke. A lot of people use that as a stipulation but it’s just what it is. No one wants to be with someone who doesn’t have any money. If you find love in the process of dating, that’s what it is but of course your status and who you are is going to attract people. Just like I was always attracted to Janet Jackson. Matter fact, I’m looking for you Janet, if I ever catch you! I just want to put that out there! But yeah, I don’t get bothered by that because at the end of the day you can see through all that if that’s what they’re there for.”



Long story short, Ray’s not losing any sleep!
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