Disney+ Finally Adds ‘Continue Watching’ Option

Disney PLus

Since the launch of Disney+ earlier this month, viewers have been wondering about their inability to continue watching a show or movie where they left off. However, that is about to change with a recent update made by Disney. Disney+ has updated and added the option to pick up watching …

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82-Year-Old Bodybuilder Takes Down Home Intruder

82 year old fights off intruder

On Thursday, Willie Murphy, an 82-year-old award-winning bodybuilder, heard banging on her door as she prepared to go to sleep for the evening. Speaking with WHAM-TV, Murphy explained that a man began pounding on her door, asking her to call for medical assistance. As Murphy began to call for an …

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Uber To Begin Audio-Recording Rides Amid Claims of Sexual Assault

Uber Sexual Assaults

In an effort to lower claims of sexual assault made by riders, Uber will now start audio-recording rides as they take place. Over the years, hundreds of lawsuits have been brought against Uber by passengers stating they have been sexually assaulted or raped.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now, Uber is taking acting and plans …

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Lebron James Makes NBA History… Again

Lebron Makes History

On Tuesday evening, Lebron James made NBA history during the LA Lakers vs the Oklahoma City Thunder game. James became the first-ever NBA player to produce a triple-double against each of the 30 teams in the league. In a post-game interview, James shared his feelings about the accomplishment, stating, “I …

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Starred In “Hustlers” For Free

Jennifer Lopez talks Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez, one of GQ’s 2019 “Men of the Year” cover stars, reveals that she didn’t make much of a profit from the movie “Hustlers.” “I didn’t get paid a whole bunch of money for, ‘Hustlers,’” Lopez told the publication. “I did it for free and produced it. I bank …

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