Donald Trump Calls Jussie Smollett A “Third Rate Actor”

Trump War

Donald Trump is out talking bad about Jussie Smollett…again. This time, while speaking at a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Trump called Smollett’s hate crime case a “disgrace to our nation” and even said “MAGA Country” is the “greatest theme in the history of politics.” “I didn’t hear that term until that …

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Teen Girl Vandalized Nipsey Hussle Mural In Connecticut

A Hartford, Connecticut teen identified as Kaitlyn Renee a.k.a “Kay Kay” not only spray painted graffiti over an elaborate Nipsey Hussle mural with a can of black spray paint, she also took selfies in front of her work. All while a crowd gathers and watches. Twitter already accused the person filming …

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Seven Old Wives Tales You Probably Still Live By

Old Wives Tale

From the time we were young children, we’ve heard our moms, grandmas, aunties, neighbors, all of the “older folk” gave us life lessons on things we should never do and the odd consequences. “Don’t buy a man shoes, he’ll walk out of your life!” Or God-forbid you split the pole …

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