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Asheville City Council Approves Reparations For Black Residents

Reparations for Blacks

On Tuesday, in a historic move, the city council of Asheville, North Carolina, voted unanimously to provide reparations to Black residents. The city council also apologized for the city’s role in slavery, discrimination,  the denial of basic liberties to Black residents. The resolution does not mandate direct payments to the residents …

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“Family Reunion” Executive Producer Slams The Academy For Unequal Ruling In Award Nominations: “What I do know is that Family Reunion was treated differently”

Family Reunion

Producer and writer Meg DeLoatch has a long resume filled with 20 years of work in Hollywood. The Family Matters co-producer witnessed the television industry transform from Jim Crow Hollywood to the new mainstream Hollywood. In a storytime article on the Hollywood Reporter, DeLoatch said although the industry had changed …

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