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Erase The Stigma: Suicide blogged by @niksofly

I remembered coming to Houston for a doctor’s appointment. I was never regular since the start of my menstrual cycle and I was growing tired of the generic answers regarding my concern. This time my appointment was with a specialist in reproductive health. She ranked number two in the country …

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Fans Of Houston Artist Just Brittany Claim Rihanna Stole “B-tch Better Have My Money” (Listen & Decide For Yourself) – blogged by @niksofly

How original is Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” ?  Not too original, according to the fans of Houston artist, Just Brittany.  Early last year, Just Brittany released her single “Better Have My Money”.  Now more than a year later, The Bajan princess has released her new single “Bitch Better …

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How To Snag A Struggle Partner : blogged by @niksofly

Apparently The Committee To Struggle For Eternity (TCTSFE) has reared their heads again. Wanting a partner that can provide (BALLER) is frowned upon and since it is a great disservice to them to elevate their potential and aim for an equal partner, I’ll dedicate this post to them.  I advise …

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