Shamari And Ronnie Devoe Talk Having An Open Marriage And Shamari Waiting Three Years To Be Ronnie’s Girlfriend: “It Took Him Three Years For Him To Be Like ‘Okay, I’ll Be Your Boyfriend’“

Shamari and Ronnie Devoe open up about prolonging their friendship before a relationship and having an open marriage. This week, the couple appeared on #AngelaYee’s podcast “Lip Service,” where the two discussed their relationship journey. Shamari has previously been open about how the two had an open marriage which only …

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CBS Bans Pro-Medical Marijuana Super Bowl Commercial

Weed Class

CBS has banned a medical marijuana commercial from airing during the Super Bowl.  The ad was produced by Acreage Holdings, a marijuana and cannabis investment firm, which offered to pay CBS $5 million for the spot. But CBS declined the offer, stating the company is prohibited from airing marijuana ads.  …

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