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Mesotherapy Non Surgical Lipo & Scar Therapy?

Cellulite is the bain of many women’s existence. Many women are not comfortable with having liposuction due to the cost, pain, and healing time. Mesotherapy can be an option for you. Performed in cosmetic doctors offices and medical spas Mesotherapy is a viable alternative to surgical procedures. Read on… Mesotherapy …

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Beauty Tip Waxing too Painful??? Try Sugaring

Ladies Like to keep it smooth and hate the pain of waxing. Hate the ingrown hairs associated with shaving? Try sugaring which is an ancient tequnique that was developed by people of color. It is less painful than waxing and is all natural. Let google be your friend to find …

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Comedian Baller with drama….

*A woman in Georgia has sued comedian Mike Epps over claims that he’s the father of her newborn baby, yet refuses to submit to a paternity test so that she can secure child support, reports “We are not asking for the moon, we are just asking him to take …

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Is it worth it???????????????????????????

I want to know do you ladies feel that the $$$,gifts,trips and partying that you may do with one of these “ballers” is worth the price that you yourself have to pay????????????????????? Do yall care to ever have a relationship with some meaning???if so do you think that meaningful relationship …

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Where are they Now….Teddy Riley

So I did some diggin on him and this is what i found I was suprised to see him playing in Snoops band…. Teddy Riley: The title of this writing sounds harsh… or like I am taking shots at Mr. Riley, but I am not. It is quite the opposite …

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The Game done changed

Let me tell yall how the game done changed…..I may be alittle bit older than some of you on here but you would never be able to tell by looking at me. I read and look at what these yound ladies refer to as baller nowadays and I chuckle. Yes …

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