Thanksgiving Day Commandments

The holiday season is finally upon us, and once again, thanksgiving with black families is about to go down.  You’ve already seen the countless hilarious memes depicting our shared experiences about what really happens when black families get together for thanksgiving. This year, we don’t expect anything less, and in …

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What To Know About The Crisis In Cameroon

With the help of social media, the crisis in Cameroon is getting more attention now than years ago when it first began. In America, the upcoming election season has bolstered interest in civic engagement, as nearly 70 percent of Americans are displeased with the current political system, according to a …

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That’s Baller: DJ Envy’s Porsche 918 Spyder

DJ Envy, the New York radio personality, producer, and co-host of The Breakfast Club, recently celebrated his 43rd birthday. While it’s no secret that Envy is a car enthusiast, the recent unveiling of his newest prized possession is definitely one for the books. The lime green Porsche 918 Spyder has …

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Abraham Lincoln’s Lock Of Hair Auctioned For $81,000

Abraham Lincoln

Items belonging to the 16th President of the United States were recently sold in a Boston auction. An anonymous buyer purchased both a lock of his hair and a blood-stained telegram dating back to his assassination in 1865 for $81,250. Memorabilia collectors are known to seek treasure in rare finds. …

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Republican National Convention: What You Should Know

Donald Trump on Stimulus

The RNC kicked off on Monday night with a startling but not surprising attack on Democrats. Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump advisor who is also his eldest son’s girlfriend, said, “They want to destroy this country and everything that we have fought for and hold dear. They want to steal your liberty, …

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Cities Around The U.S. Are Cracking Down On Protesting


The news coverage may have slowed down, but nationwide protests against police brutality in support of #BlackLivesMatter and other pressing social issues haven’t stopped. Historically, protests have served as a means for citizens to get their voices heard and incite change. Where many had hoped to use their voices to …

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The World’s Most Expensive Face Mask Costs $1.5 Million

On par with how things in 2020 are going, it’s not a surprise to see the rich people out here acting rich again. According to reports, an anonymous buyer who is only being identified as a “Chinese businessman living in the United States,” has requested Israeli jewelry company, Yvel to …

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Beyoncé Takes Our Breath Away With “Black Is King” Visual Album

Beyonce for Black Is King

Beyoncé shines in Black Is King, which is her third visual album release to date. Paying homage to Pan African identity, her overwhelming sense of Black pride captivates audiences through stunning images, choreography, symbolism, and song. The former Destiny’s Child singer has evolved into an unapologetically proud Black woman, wife, …

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Sony Creates A Wearable Air Conditioner

Air conditioner

As temperatures continue to rise, especially in the summer months, people around the world are looking for a way to stay cool. These days, there’s pretty much an app for everything, and Sony has come up with a device that can help moderate your body temperature. The Reon Pocket is …

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Luxury Hotels Lure Guests With Private Flight Packages

Every industry imaginable has been affected by the economic effects of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. While many small businesses have been severely impacted and are least likely to recover; luxury hotels, resorts, and attractions reliant upon tourism have also seen a major decline in business. As citizens around …

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Ballerific Woman Spotlight: Tressa Smallwood

Tressa Smallwood

Award-winning Book Publisher, Author, and Movie Producer, Tressa Smallwood, is making major moves in the entertainment and media industry. With over 162 published titles to her name, her rise to success as an entrepreneur is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic. A native of North Carolina, Smallwood, a former public school teacher, …

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Americans Banned From Traveling To Most Countries Around The World

Americans banned

As coronavirus cases continue to soar throughout the US, other countries are reopening for tourism, but there’s a catch; Americans won’t be welcomed everywhere. In response to the United States, leading the charts with the most COVID related infections and deaths, countries around the globe are banning US citizens from …

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