Azealia Banks Moves To Miami Following Posts Of Her Digging Up And Cooking Her Dead Cat

Azealia Banks moved to Miami following the dead cat videos and photos she posted online. 

On Tuesday, the 29-year-old musician posted a video to the world that she dug up her deceased cat – which has been dead for three months – and showed off the cat’s remains in a series of posts on Instagram. 

“The cat went out with a f – – king bang . . . taking my b – – ch to Miami,” the “212” rapper said on Instagram, Banks said, showing social media users the shrine she made for her cat. She’s since removed some of the disturbing posts. Some of the images included a shot of her cat’s skull, peacock feathers, and a bottle of champagne, New York Post reports. She also had a $100 bill and an almost-empty Chanel No. 5 bottle. 

Now, the rapper is picking up her belongings and moving from her four-bedroom and two-bath Los Angeles home to Miami. According to New York Post, her Woodland Hills home was sold in a non-judicial foreclosure for $845,000 to an unknown buyer back in November, according to the “bankruptcy sale” listing posted on The home was described as a “fixer-upper.” Banks bought the house in March 2016 for  $850,000, but she ended up listing the house one month later. 

Throughout her time in the home, Banks claimed she had a few issues with her neighbors and fans. She said one neighbor allegedly threatened her with a gun. 

In August, Banks wrote on social media, “I think I will end my tenure here on earth soon.” Her comments raised concerns amongst her fans. However, the musician seemed to be happy with her new journey in Miami. “We got our ticket out of … California. Through all the … tears and suffering and … wildfires and … gender identity crisis … the girls is making it out,” she said on her Instagram. “I MADE IT OUT OF HELL. MIAMI, USA. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO,” she captioned a video post.



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