Baller Alert Exclusive: DJ Envy Talks Best Breakfast Club Guest, Birdman Interview, and R. Kelly Allegations: “We Should Expose The People That Are Hurting Our Young Kids and Hurting Our Teenagers, We Should Absolutely, Positively Expose Them” 

DJ Envy has solidified his career as a well-respected DJ, but in the latter half of his already-successful career, the DJ joined the cast of Power 105.1’s “Breakfast Club,” which eventually became the No. 1 morning show on air. 

Now, after eight years with The Breakfast Club and decades in the business, Envy has branched out even further, in creating his own podcast with his wife, Gia, and expanding business in real estate, securing one bag at a time. But, the Envy we all know and love will always be one-third of the most dangerous morning show. 

In a recent interview with Baller Alert, Envy opened up about his best guest on the Breakfast Club, the inaugural, viral interview with Soulja Boy, the biggest headlines, R. Kelly and more. 

“The best guest, I would have to say, as far as controversy, has to be Birdman,” Envy said, reiterating a similar sentiment Angela Yee provided a few weeks ago. “And Soulja Boy’s recent interview is catching up to that Birdman interview. It was just classic, just the stuff that he was saying and this was just off-top of the dome. And he’s right, he created a lot of those trends that we’re joking about, he started a lot of that stuff.” 

“He was the reason why a lot of artists started so big on the Youtube, with the ringtones and a lot of the stuff that he did, he created and started a lot of that,” Envy said. “He doesn’t get the credit, but he did start some of that.” 

While Envy agreed with Soulja on several points made in the interview, the DJ drew the line at his Drake claims, highlighting the fact that most artists repeat classic lyrics in their own songs. From there, the two revisited the Birdman drama, and discussed whether or not Envy believed things could get physical, which he did. 

“I did get nervous. I did think it might get physical. Did at the time,” Envy said. “I used to have a little pipe under the thing, I had that little pipe in my hand, and I thought that it might go down.  But I also knew the people that was around Birdman, too. So, I wasn’t as worried, but it was so many people in here, we woulda got our ass whooped.” 

From there, the two discussed the comparison between Soulja Boy and 6ix9ine, and in regards to the difference, Envy said it is all about the music. While both were entertaining on the Internet, 6ix9ine also had music to back it up, and according to Envy, that’s where Soulja lacks. 

After that, Envy shared his opinion about the R. Kelly allegations, to which Envy applauded the women who were coming out and speaking up against the disgraced music legend. 

“We should expose the people that are hurting our young kids and hurting our teenagers, we should absolutely, positively expose them,” Envy said. 

Before the interview wrapped, Envy revealed his dream guest is one of the Obamas, and he feels it will happen, any day now. 

Watch the full episode below:

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