Baller Alert Exclusive: White House Correspondent April Ryan Opens Up About The Trump White House, The Possibility Of His Re-Election and Her Career As a Journalist: “You Can See The Different Energy” In The White House

Back in September, White House correspondent April Ryan released her third book, “Under Fire: Reporting from the Front Lines of the Trump White House,” discussing the “confusion and chaos of the Trump White House.” 

For the last two decades, Ryan has been a White House reporter, asking Presidents the tough questions since 1997. But, the veteran correspondent thought she saw it all, that is, until Trump stepped foot in the Oval Office. 

Now, according to Ryan, the energy is way different from the last three presidents she has come in contact with. 

“You can see the different energy,” Ryan told Baller Alert. “It’s a big difference from the last three presidents I covered til now. I’m still there to report and ask questions, I’ve done nothing wrong.” 

But at the end of the day, despite the never-ending drama surrounding the Celebrity-in-Chief, Ryan said she’s extremely grateful for the opportunity. 

“I’m grateful everyday,” Ryan said. “I’m five generations removed from the last known slave in my family. I been doing this for 21 years thanks to American Urban Radio Networks. I’m grateful.” 

“I have such respect for the office,” the reporter continued. “For me a kid from Baltimore to be there and to question four American presidents, it’s a blessing.” 

As the interview continued, Ryan also shared her opinion on whether or not Trump will run for re-election, as well as his impact on the black community. 

Check out her full interview below:

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