The Baller Alert Show: Episode 142 Featuring Fat Boy SSE

The Baller Alert Show: Episode 142 Featuring Fat Boy SSE

A new week means the Baller Alert Show podcast crew is back with a new episode! This week, Fat Boy SSE joins the crew and together they chop it up about new music, his weed business, family life and so much more.

Episode 142 kicks off with ‘Fat Boy’ revealing that ‘SSE’ stands for Star Side Entertainment — it’s what he’s been using since becoming an entertainer. He also shared that he sort of dropped the SSE from his name as he felt ‘Fat Boy’ is more marketable and easier to find on social media.

As the conversation continues, Fat Boy talks about whether he considers himself a comedian.

“I’m just an entertainer. I’m just a humble servant of the Lord, doing my thing – making people smile,” he explained.

Would You Rather?

The crew plays a quick game of would you rather with Fat Boy. See the questions below, but you’ll have to tune in to the interview to hear his responses.

Would you rather be the brokest and only black person in the nicest, upscale neighborhood or the richest in the hood?

Would you rather collab with Nicki Minaj or Lil Baby?

In Case You Missed It

Octavia keeps listeners are kept up-to-date with the latest news. This week’s hot topics include: Naomi Campbell becoming a mom. Romeo challenges Bowwow to a Verzuz battle. Joe Bidden says get vaxed or mask up.

In the midst of the segment, Fatboy also shared that he had his first child with his wife last September. Fatboy also revealed that he and his wife are on a mission to show ‘a family-oriented vibe’ and growth within the black community.

New Music

Fatboy talks about his new single ‘Fly Away’ which he revealed was inspired by the Beatles. He shared that the Beatles made timeless music and he wanted to make a classic record, just as they would.

Social Media Comedy

Fatboy got his start doing comedy on social media.

“I just went on social media and started posting content and it just went up from there. I didn’t plan nothing”

He also talks Druski comparisons and how he’s evolved as an entertainer and is now acting and even is starring in an upcoming independent film.

Baller Mail

“Dear Rari, is it safe to be in a relationship with someone who was violent in a prior relationship? We have had a convo at dinner and it was brought to my attention that he was violent in his previous relationship. Now, he has not shown any signs of that in our relationship so I am unsure how to move. What do you think?”

Hear Fatboy and the crew’s responses at the entire podcast at the link below:


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