The Baller Alert Show – Episode 30 Recap

The Baller Alert Show, featuring your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, with Ferrari Simmons and Su Solo, kicked off its 30th episode with a recap of the hottest topics and current events from the previous week.


In case you missed it, Burns discussed the forthcoming Drake album, as he dropped a few exclusive tidbits about the Canadian rapper’s new project. In fact, he said he can’t wait for us to hear the album, and quite frankly, my body is ready for a new Drake album, are you?

As the segment continued, the hosts celebrated recent graduates and transitioned into the University of Florida incident, where the graduation attended dragged a few minority students off the stage mid-celebration. In one of the most important moments of the students’ lives, they should have just let them celebrate, especially since it’s their last hoooraa. Next, the hosts discussed the great, King LeBron James.

In fact, Burns went on to explain why he’s better than Michael Jackson. Of course, Simmons disagreed, he did cave in to say if Bron is able to win the Finals he may be the Goat, what do you think?

Further on, the hosts discussed Celina Powell’s apology Cardi B for claiming she was carrying Offset’s baby. To Solo, the apology was garbage and the entire situation was f*cked up to do that to a pregnant woman. As for Simmons, he believes the apology would never gain as much traction as the original rumor, which is just as terrible as the original lie.

Finally, the three discussed the powerful Childish Gambino video for “This is America,” which was obviously filled with so many hidden messages about the current status of this country. Although everyone interpreted the video in a different way, Burns detailed his interpretation piece by piece. How did you interpret the video?

As the episode continued, Simmons shared this week’s Baller Mail about men confronting the other man that his significant other was caught cheating with, which occurred on Black Ink just days prior. Well Fellas, would you?

In this week’s comment creepin, Solo shared a post from Fabolous, who was recently linked to a domestic violence incident with his longtime girlfriend, Emily B. Although the two have remained mum about the situation, Fab has been going about his business, as if nothing happened and fans are not having it.

Finally, as the episode wrapped, Burns shared a few words from Kenfucious: “Good things come to those who go and get it.”

Check out the full episode below:

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