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In a perfect world, people of color would be presented the same opportunities as their white counterparts. Unfortunately, this world is far from perfect, however, there are people, more specifically women, who have dedicated their time, money and education to make a positive change. They’ve used their experiences and their encounters with injustices to fight and/or create more opportunities for their children and their children’s children, in an effort to make the world a better place. This is #BlackExcellence. These are #BallerificWomen.

One of those special individuals is Comedienne, Journalist, Singer, and Influencer, which are just a few titles that the viral sensation Jessie Woo holds. Jessie Woo is a Haitian-American rising star, blazing her own path in the entertainment industry and representing Haiti in the process.

Jessie was born in Canada, raised in Miami and is of Haitian descent. She’s shared that she moved to New York back in 2016 with under $1000 in her bank account. After losing an administrative job that she says God did not have destined for her, her rise to fame started on social media through her comedic alter ego, Cadouskha Jean-Francois. One of her most memorable videos was “Dear Haitian Crush” back in June of 2017. It was a remake of Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name.”

She then went on to become an on-air host for BET and has always included a little bit of her Haitian culture in everything that she does in the media. On a recent interview on “Sway in the Morning” she said, “Everything that I do, I take it from a stance that I’m Haitian” so that people can see that the Haitian culture is rich and beautiful.

Jessie is making a name for herself as a trailblazer in the Haitian community, as she continues to celebrate the beauty of the island and shares positive knowledge on Haiti’s history. Although she’s always taken pride in being Haitian, she says it wasn’t always the cool thing to do growing up in Miami.

Jessie has shared that she was teased in grade school for being Haitian and she heard a lot of negative things like “Haitians are dirty and poor” and “Haitians eat cat”. She’s shared that she would go home and ask her mom why kids were saying those type of things. She says that her mother always taught her that miseducation was the reason for a lot of false comments. Now, Jessie is making sure the world knows a different narrative about Haiti, one that her fellow Haitians can take pride in.

Jessie released her debut EP ‘Moods Of A Cancer’ in July, which features the standout track ‘Vacation’, which is complete with a Kompa breakdown, paying homage to her Haitian homeland. Jessie filmed the video for the song in Haiti, which she describes as the “Wakanda of the Caribbean”.

On the ‘Yes Girl Podcast’, Jessie says, “’Vacation’… we shot the video there, we shot it in the Citadelle, the most historic point on the island, 3000 feet in the air. I cried when I got to the top, it was just a spiritual experience for me.” She adds “I want everybody to feel that feeling, especially when they see the video, I want people to see that Haiti is beautiful, come, come.”

What many people don’t know is that Jessie Woo graduated from Florida International University with her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science but she didn’t stop there, she decided to further her education and earned her Master’s Degree.

Jessie Woo is a force to be reckoned with and we want to acknowledge her for her tenacity and for shining a bright light on the beautiful island of Haiti, changing the narrative of an island that has had “many false stereotypes associated with it. She is continuously working hard to elevate her brand, and at just 29-years-old, she is a huge inspiration to the Haitian community, her peers, aspiring comedians, journalists, music artists, and creatives out there with a dollar and a dream.

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