Baller Alert’s Exclusive Interview with Basketball Wives LA’s Mehgan James

Many of you may recognize Meghan James from MTV’s reality show, “50 Cent:  The Money and the Power”, Drake’s 2010 hit single, “Put it Down” feat. Bun B and of course season 9 of Oxygen Channel’s hit series “The Bad Girl’s Club,” and  “Bad Girls All Star Battle.” She then turned to modeling, working with talented and notable photographers, and eventually working for the highly distinguished Paige Parks Modeling Agency in the Marketing and Booking department. In reality, what more can you expect from a woman who studied Communications at the University of Houston and has molded herself into an entrepreneur?

Baller Alert got the chance to chat with Meghan, who’s now joined the cast of VH1’s Basketball Wives LA, to get to the bottom of all of her tea! We discussed her decision to join Basketball Wives, beef with Draya, business endeavors and more. Check it out below!

Fans will recall seeing you in Season 9 of Bad Girls Club, What made you decide to join Basketball Wives?

“Jackie Christi and I shared a publicist and I expressed my interest in the show to her. She introduced me to the girls and it went from there.”

Which basketball player, if any, are you being linked to?

“I use to date Kedrick Brown back in the day.”

From the previews we see there’s tension between you and Draya. Are you receiving any flack from Draya’s fans? Was your beef with Draya preexisting before the show?

“No , not at all . I feel like a lot of her fans will flip sides once they see how she treated me on the show . I had no beef with draya prior to filming. I actually tried to be cool with her.”

What do you hope fans will learn about you this season? 

“I hope the fans will learn that I’ve grown from a bad girl in to a grown woman . A big misconception that people have of me is that I’m mean or a bully. I’m not that at all I’m actually really sweet until provoked.”

It also looks like you and Brandi Maxiell are getting into an altercation? What’s behind that?

“You will have to wait to see. I can’t spill all the tea lol.”

Which Basketball Wives LA cast member(s) do you relate to most? 

“I think I relate to Malaysia the most . She’s a young beautiful business woman with a great spirit.”

Would you consider yourself a mean girl?  Do you feel you are misrepresented on the show?

“No I’m not mean. I’m just misunderstood . I haven’t seen the show to see if I’m misrepresented or not, I will say, that I’m the underdog this season and America always loves the underdog.”

What business endeavors are you currently working on?

“I have my own underwear line entitled “Fresh Pear Underwear” and also a hair line entitled ” Whipped Hair ” which both will launch in July.”

What’s your plan after reality TV?

“I plan on getting in to acting . I can already make my self cry on cue. Lol.”

Be sure to check out Mehgan and the rest of the cast on this season of Basketball Wives LA scheduled to air Sunday, July 12th on VH1 and of course Baller Alert will be bringing you weekly recaps.

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