Baller Alert’s List Of The Best Black House/EDM DJs

Every music lover appreciates a good beat that makes you dance. Over the years, dance music has taken many forms and has been called by many names. Whether you want to refer to it as house, techno or rave music, these days it’s all falling under the umbrella of EDM or Electronic Dance Music. 

As with most popular topics, the origin gets lost or replaced over the years, but this music style can be traced back to gay black culture in Chicago. In the 1970s, what began as music played in safe spaces where younger black gays went to party and be themselves freely, turned into what is now a pop-culture staple; dance music. 

DJ Frankie Knuckles is considered the godfather of this music genre, as he used to play at a members-only venue, “The Warehouse” which regular party-goers commonly referred to as “House,” hence the origins of “House” music. In any genre where music is involved, you are bound to find that its origins tie back to black artists who ultimately made the sound their own. Here’s a list of some black artists who currently dominate the world of EDM. 

Black Coffee

Is a South African DJ, whose rise to EDM game began in 2003 after participating in the Red Bull Music Academy. 

DJ Maphorisa 

Is another South African DJ and Producer who is known for blending Afropop and house music. You’ve heard his work featured on tracks from Drake to Wizkid.

Green Velvet

An American artist, whose style fuses house and techno, and attributes Prince as his musical inspiration. 

DJ Spinna

The Brooklyn native is a popular producer, who in spite of his success, remains an underground artist.

Carl Cox

A British DJ and producer, who specializes in the electronica industry and has had a career span of thirty years and counting. 

DJ Ruckus

Named by GQ as “the most sought after DJ in the world.” He attributes his success to the support he received from Sean “Diddy” Combs at the start of his career. 

Felix The Housecat

The Chi-town native is popular for his electro and house music. He is also the Founder of Filth Records.

Honey Dijon

Hails from Chicago and is an American DJ, producer, musician, fashion icon who happens to be transgender and an advocate for LGBTQ rights.

Quentin Harris

NYC based DJ, remixer and producer is big in the underground pop-dance scene. 

DJ Da Capo

Is a South African, self-taught DJ and producer who amid industry tension is making a name for himself in spite of the media comparisons to DJ Black Coffee.

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