Baller Alert’s Year In Review: Top Moments Of 2017

Baller Alert’s Year In Review: Top Moments Of 2017

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2017 brought some highs and lows in the culture, but this was probably the most influential year that urban culture has had in a while.

To close out the year, we have recapped the top moments in the culture from 2017 in no particular order…

Prodigy dies –

The Mobb Deep Legend passed away from an incident of accidental choking. After performing at a show in Vegas, he had to be admitted to the hospital due to complications from his Sickle Cell Anemia.

The legend will forever be remembered.


Cardi B/Offset proposal –

This was the most exciting proposal next to Keyshia & Gucci’s proposal at the Atlanta Hawks basketball game last year.

The Trap Rap Duo has been all over social media enjoying each other, even after their brief breakup.

At a concert, Offset got down on bended knee & asked for Cardi’s hand in marriage with a gorgeous blinged out ring!

How sweet! Can’t wait to see what their wedding looks like. Probably iced out everything!


Donald Glover Shouts Out Migos During Golden Globes –

Donald Glover shouting out the Migos during the Golden Globes Awards was the epitome of the cultures shift in 2017. Their roll in the hit show “Atlanta” was chill, and fit their style: Trap Star, but it added a major element to the culture of the show.

A lot of the “stay woke” folks would claim that the audience of the Golden Globes wouldn’t recognize the Migos for their contribution to pop culture.  So the fact that Donald Glover did, was a big deal. Good deal Donald Glover.


BET releases “New Edition” Special –

After The Jackson 5, New Edition had to be the next most-loved boy group of all time. From hits like “Candy Girl” to “Mr.Telephone Man” and MORE!

It was only right that BET brought their story to life as a timeless classic.

The storyline takes you through the highs and lows of New Edition from their humble beginnings in Boston all the way through to when their split and solo success.

Not only did the release have everyone wishing they lived in the last couple decades, the cast and the characters they played performed one of the hits, “If It Isn’t Love” at the BET Awards.


Remy Ma VS Nicki Minaj –

Of course, all women believe in empowering other women, or at least they will claim to for social media. Yet, when it comes to rap beef, that goes out the window and it’s every woman for herself.

When Remy Ma thought that Nicki Minaj was taking subtle shots at her in her songs, Remy wasted no time in airing her feelings through her diss track “Shether.” This started a spiraling feud between the two NY bred artists. Though most people would say Remy’s diss track went way harder than Minaj’s slick remark, it’s a helluva fight when your opponent uses silence & lawyers as their rebuttal.

Their debacle slowly faded out as all beefs do, but Remy brings it up whenever she can. At awards shows, concerts, Instagram Lives, the whole 9. So it may never be over.


Beyonce Delivers The Carter Twins –

The internet was at capacity when the Urban Goddess, Queen Bey announced she was pregnant with her first child, Blue Ivy Carter.  It overloaded though when she had her twins this year!

Beyonce Knowles & Sean “JayZ” Carter welcomed 2 more children into the world.  Beyonce proved herself to be the best at what she does yet again as she performed while pregnant. The Queen is the Queen regardless but this gave so much stature to her character as a woman.

Who will dominate the music game, and what awards moments will make history in 2018?

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