Baller Mail – Chicago Bears’ Tim Jennings Still Hates His Daughter

Remember when we posted about Tim Jennings of the Chicago Bears last November? Apparently he had a daughter that he personally said he’d rather have a stranger raise because he didn’t want to be there for her. You can read that HERE.


Well, almost a year later we get yet another Baller Mail, this time from someone who was actually dating Jennings and they confirm that it is all true. How can a man not want to be in his daughter’s life? Especially when she is your spitting image? Crazy!

Read the Baller Mail Below:

Disclaimer: Baller Mails are submitted by our readers and are protected by federal statute 47 U.S.C. 230. can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted.

“So I was seeing Chicago bears player tim Jennings for a while, we’ve had and on and off relationship. But within the last 2 years he had 2 kids (a baby girl and a baby boy) with 2 different women so I cut ties with him. Recently tho there have been a lot of rumors of the type of father he is and honestly to his first son he is great but from what I HEAR he is a shitty dad to his baby girl I’ve actually seen pictures of all 3 kids and his son and especially his daughter are by far his twin NOW his 3rd child ehhh not so much who knows if that’s even his kid?? Anyhow I have a kid and I would hate for my kids father to act out how tim acts with his kid, I mean he there for his 2 SONS why not be there for all ya kids right? Id hate to be his baby momma …. So forth all you ladies still messing with him be careful this man loves unprotected sex so please be careful because you never know.”


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