BALLER MAIL – Did Singer Nikki Jean Go From “Hip Hop Saved My Life” To Smashing The Roots?

Here’s a little Hip Hop tea that was sent in. You may remember singer Nikki Jean from the hook of Lupe Fiasco’s popular “Hip Hop Saved My Life” (WATCH). Well, as we have all noticed, she kind of disappeared shortly after while Lupe continued to do big things. According to this Baller Mail sent in by an anonymous reader there may be a reason Nikki is gone — she’s allegedly been sleeping with a member of The Roots who happens to be married!

Disclaimer: Baller Mails are submitted by our readers and are protected by federal statute 47 U.S.C. 230. can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted.


“Nikki Jean, a struggling singer from Minnesota (who can be heard singing the chorus of Lupe Fiasco’s, “Hip Hop Just Saved My Life”), has been sleeping around with Tariq Trotter, a.k.a. Black Thought, of The Roots.


They’ve been seeing each other for close to ten years. However, Tariq decided to marry a woman named Tiffany which totally killed Nikki since she thought she would be his wife. Now, Nikki walks around with a chip on her shoulder because all she has left is a used pussy and a declining singing career. So, she’s been secretly trying to break up their marriage by throwing herself at him (sometimes he bites, sometimes he doesn’t). She has also been trying to make him jealous by throwing herself at other members of the Roots.


I hope she realizes, she will never be able to make it to the top if her pussy and her averagely good singing voice is all she has to offer.”

As Kanye would say, “Damn baby p-ssy can’t be your only hustle!”

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