Baller Mail – Does Rashad Butler Have A Baby On The Way (Not With Mya G)

Several months back we received a Baller Mail that suggested that Houston Texans’ Rashad Butler was fooling around on his porn star girlfriend Mya G. You can read that story HERE. Things got heated on Twitter but eventually died down. Well, it looks like there is a little more to the story that was never released….until now.

Disclaimer: Baller Mails are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted

“In relation to the previous story, I didn’t disclose all the information. Rashad Butler got someone pregnant while dating Mya G. Although she didn’t believe that he was cheating, there is much proof to the pregnancy claim.


There’s text messages in regards to it all. He texted me non-stop when it happened. I’ve been wanting to do it but was letting the other drama die down. They were blaming the wrong person for it when truth be told, I was the one pregnant by him. I just wanted to really slap him in the face without the wrong people being involved. I’m not trying to really get at him. I’m trying to get at her. She claims her man would never cheat etc and all the drama they’ve caused.”


Wow! Could there be more coming after this? This might be a story to follow…

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