Baller Mail – Handsome Scammer Uses Social Media To Rob Women

It’s almost 2014 and times are changing. More and more everyday people are finding love on social media. What was once taboo is now the norm, but like meeting a stranger anywhere else, you must take precautions. A reader sent in some information about someone online who seemingly popular and obviously good looking — but will change your life forever, and not for the better. Read on!

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“Here’s another story about a guy that’s scheming women. He’s scammed 100’s of women from central Florida all the way to Atlanta and who knows where else. He goes by @thuglifenation_datruooth. His real name is Syncere. He works by meeting women thru Instagram and if you go to his page he follows wayyy more people than those that follow him. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him write under chics pics “hey what’s up, hit me up”. He’s handsome and really flashy. His bio says grand hustle ent lol. But he meets women, goes on dates with them and then when they’re sleeping or in the bathroom, he steals their credit card and personal info. If you don’t believe me just Google “Syncere scam” and it dates back to 2011. He’s gotten several people I know, and the Orlando cops are still looking for him to this day. I guarantee if you post this story plenty women will say “I was a victim too”.”


I actually DID Google Syncere Scam and look what I found:


Via West Orlando News



Police are looking for more people who might have been the subject of a check/debit card fraud scheme.


Cops said, Wilson Jackson, nicknamed “Syncere” and “Da Truooth” befriends single female victims on Facebook.


Jackson gains their trust then convinces them to allow him access to their bank accounts, police said. He then makes unauthorized withdrawals from his victims accounts.


Cops say, Jackson is a person of interest.


If you have been a victim of Jackson, kindly call the Orlando Police Department Fraud Line at: 407-246-4012.



Another woman named Taneisha told her story on her personal blog.

It’s so hard to trust people after certain situations happen in life. Just recently I was scammed out of $1900 because I trusted someone I thought was a friend. Wilson Jackson who goes by his rap name “Da Truooth” had been scamming people for a long time. I’m just sorry I didn’t find out sooner. Now I have to go through so much trouble to make this right. I hope I’m able to stop him before he gets anyone else. Although it was foolish on my part to even have gotten involved in this situation, he still needs to pay for what he did and is still doing to innocent people. He funds is whole, so called rap career on scamming people. He calls himself an OUTLAW and thats what he is. Everyone does not have your best interest at heart and this guy proved that point. He can’t possibly have a heart, because even though he knew of my situation with battling this cancer, he still had the audacity to do such a evil deed to me. I feel for all the victims of Wilson Jackson but I know for sure that God will not let him get away with this. It’s only a matter of time and I want to make sure that he is STOPPED.


These article were dated back in 2011. You mean to tell me he’s been getting away with this for AT LEAST 2 years now? He’s supposedly a “rapper” too so I’m sure we know how his career is being funded. Ladies be really careful out there. We’re seeing a lot more lately that some men are not who they appear to be.



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