Baller Mail: “Help! I’m Dating A Man With Insecurities. What Do I Do?”

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“HELP ME PLEASE! I have been dating this guy for 3 and a half years. Throughout our relationship we have been arguing from day one. To the part where we argue everyday, every other day, or every week. Our arguments would consist of social media, why I like certain peoples pictures, why someone would comment on my pictures, not being home to cook a meal in time for him and just anything you could think of. He has all my passwords to my social media and phone but I’ve also noticed that he would go unfollow guys from my pages if they would like my pictures too much or comment. He would also lie and say that his friend or someone he knows told him that someone dm’d me but, little did I know he had all my notifications going to his phone. It’s like I couldn’t even converse with my guy friends or even girlfriends because he would go through our messages. He has cheated and entertained other females in the past and I have done the same. We tried working on the arguing and our issues but obviously nothing is getting better. I’m so over the relationship, the arguments, and all the damage thus far. I love him but don’t think I can continue to deal with this. What do I do?”


Well, in my opinion you have pretty much made your decision. You are obviously fed up with his insecurities and I don’t blame you. It can become extremely annoying and overwhelming having someone constantly accusing you of doing something that you are not doing. A relationship is built on trust. Both of you broke that trust with your infidelities but that is no excuse to continue searching through your phone and sneaking behind your back to check your social media.


I would suggest the two of you to have a conversation about how unhappy this is making you and that changes need to be made. If he cannot get over the fact that the you have cheated in the past, then there is no need to continue the relationship. It seems that he thinks his cheating is different from your cheating, especially since there is this notion that women cheat with emotions. He cannot handle the fact that another man has had sex with you. This is not going to end unless you make the first move towards happiness. Life is too short to stay in an unhappy relationship. Do what is best for you and only you!



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