Baller Mail – How Do You Deal With A Gold Digging Mother?

Our mother’s gave birth to us and literally took care of us until we were old enough to fend for ourselves. I probably couldn’t tell you how much money my mom has spent during the span of my childhood. We love our mother but what do we do when she’s always asking US for money? Read the Baller Mail from a reader below seeking relationship help within her own family.


My mother is 50 years old and hasn’t worked since 2001.its nothing wrong with her she just don’t want to work. She receives P.A and when that’s finished she will beg the family for the money. When you don’t give it to her your on her shit list. I’m 32 and a single mother of one, with my own place. I  give what I can and I even offer to pay her weekly to babysit or just pick my daughter up she said no. She’s not talking to me now because I didn’t want to give her more than 40 dollars this week. This isn’t the first time this has happened but this time she not answering my daughter’s calls or texts. The two use to talk every morning before school. My mother has me so upset but I looking another way to deal with her before I shut her out my life.

P.s between me and you I won a lawsuit and will be receiving large sum of money in the future if she act like this now. When my money come she going to be out of control.  I have my bachelor a ok paying job but it’s not full time. I’m her only daughter. I cry thinking about the relationship we have.
My advice would be to tell mom that you just simply cannot afford to provide for her, yourself AND your daughter. Also let her know that it isn’t fair that she takes her anger towards you, out on her grandchild. The child has nothing to do with a disagreement between two adults. If your mother still refuses to do the selfless act of letting you provide for your child, you can always simply lie and act like your life is in shambles lol. Tell her your phone is going to be disconnect, lights are cut off, you ran out of gas, etc. When you start to do bad enough she’ll probably start GIVING you money instead!

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