Baller Mail – I got the baller I want, but I’m not completely satisfied

So here’s something for you guys! One of your BA sisters wrote in and had a bit of a dilemma. She’s getting everything she wants from her Baller but unfortunately, she’s not feeling him in that way. Read her letter below and help her figure out what she should do.

” A few of the tips I’ve been getting from your site have helped me landd myself a very wealthy man who wants to spoil me all the time. That’s what I’ve been searching for is a man who’s financially stable and doesn’t mind sharing the wealth as well. This is almost every girls dream.

Problem is I’m not physically or mentally attracted to him. I love the perks I get from being with him but that’s about it. My question to you is what to do in this situation.

How do I get over the fact that I’m not at all attracted to this man but keep him around to continue getting what I want?”

So what do you think she should do ladies and gents?

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