Baller Mail – Is Idris Elba Dating A Youtube Twerker?

Hey, this beats some of the rumors I’ve been hearing as of late.

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“So it seems that he definietly has a type. The makeup artist, Candice Johnson(Sweetgloss) that seems to be everywhere with him is his jumpoff/girlfriend. When you think about it…..she more like a girlfriend. Nice comeup for a girl from the D! Just when you though she was the innocent and sweet professional makeup artist….she is actually Candice Jai. She posed for many shoots for urban magazines such as Show and King. Google Candice Jai for all her half naked photos. Seems a bit familiar like maybe/maybe not baby mama Desiree Newberry. Candice has traveled with Mr. Elba everywhere lately. You were onto something when you captured her with him in soho. She’s been to London with him twice as well as Africa within the pass month. She was also his Emmy date this year and was with him at every party in LA this pass week. She has some youtube videos where she does some booty shaken. He definitely likes ass. By the way she is the nude woman for the 7 wallace photos…..just thought you’d like to know. Check 7dub instagram…..all the ass and titty shots are her. Thank me later!”

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