Baller Mail: Is It “Bad” That Wale & Company Harass Tiara Thomas?

Allow me to give you the scoop on Wale and Tiara Thomas. Tiara Thomas is a singer/songwriter that has done work with Wale. She is featured on Wale’s hit single “Bad,” which she originally wrote and produced. Tiara and Wale haven’t always seen eye to eye and Tiara’s recent signing to Rico Love’s Division 1/Interscope label may have ignited a little more beef. Check the Baller Mail below and then the screen shots from Wale’s assistant.


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“Tiara was part of Wale’s BOA label but everyone knows Wale is a wishy washy person. He threatened her constantly, made her take trains and buses while his team flew. She eventually got sick of it and after she didn’t record a song the way Wale wanted, he took to his Twitter to sneak diss her. He was saying how he’s the reason she has 30,000 followers and that he made her, etc. She was fed up and decided to look elsewhere to be signed.”



Fast forward and Tiara is signed to Rico Love. Wale replaces Tiara with Rihanna on the remix to “Bad” and now Wale’s assistant takes to Twitter to harass Tiara further.



Looks to me like someone was blind sided by the fact Tiara moved on. Tiara has yet to comment on Twitter (from what I’ve seen) but this just goes to show the music industry can be a shady place.



Watch Wale & Tiara Thomas’ “Bad” Video Below

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