Baller Mail – Is Lil Scrappy Cheating On Erica With A Basketball Wife?

After being followed by a member of the Basketball Wives LA cast on Twitter last night, I received this email in my inbox. I guess you never really know who’s watching.


Disclaimer: Baller Mails are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted.


Wellllllllllllllllllllllll I am a very popular  personal assistant in ATL that works with everyone. I just seen u tweet Bambi from the Basketball wives. I was supposed to be on LLH ATL but I rather make continuous ongoing stable money then ruin my rep, image, and life for only  a year’s worth of hostings and gigs.Anywho, that chic named Adiz Bambi who is on BasketBall Wives LA. She already is a trip in ATL. She raps. Running around the city with her pink flag gurls and all. It sucks when a female has no respect though for marriages or engagements. I guess her and Scrappy are messing around from the looks of instagram…..but didnt Scrappy just get engaged? And on the front of ALL these magazines with Erica. I regress……Sucks. Cant wait to see what other scandalous things she is going to be doing after I already saw her on the super trailer kissing Draya. WTF.

Hmm…I’ll let you guys slice and dice this in the comments if you see fit but was it just me or was this such a tea-less Baller Mail? I’m not sure who sent it (as it was sent anonymously) but there really wasn’t a whole lot here. All I could gather is that this person is a personal assistant in Atlanta, doesn’t quite like Bambi & suspects Bambi is dating Scrappy due to an instagram photo. I guess I only posted this because we haven’t gotten to see Bambi on the show yet and we don’t really know a whole lot about her. I wouldn’t be able to pass any judgement on the girl based on this Baller Mail alone though. I guess we’ll see.

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