Baller Mail – Is Nelly’s Bodyguard Innocent After All?

The web has been buzzing with the drama surrounding Nelly’s tour bus being stopped in Texas and border patrol finding massive amounts of weed, guns and ecstasy (which was originally mistaken for heroine). At the time Nelly’s bodyguard Brian Keith Jones took the fall but since then has pleaded not Guilty and maintains his innocence. 


We have received an anonymous Baller Mail from someone claiming to know Mr. Jones and although they didn’t leave us much, they are adamant that Jones may be innocent after all.


Disclaimer: Baller Mails are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted.

“I know Nelly’s bodyguard Big B. I don’t believe those drugs belonged to him. Brian has been Nelly’s bodyguard for Nelly’s entire career. He doesn’t do ANYTHING. This is completely out of his character and I’m surprised he would take the fall.”



If this is true, it’s sad Nelly is throwing him under the bus…literally.

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