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I am patiently waiting for the shit to hit the fan between Reggie and Kim. I know someone close to Reggie Bush, and he is sick and tired of the Kardashian family making him look stupid. He has told my friend how Kim stages publicity stunts (as if we didn’t know that). Reggie would play along with the stunts because at one time he really did care for her, plus he was getting something out of it too. Reggie is not “saint” either but he is not half as bad as Kim. My friend said Kim would leak a cheating story about Reggie just to get the press, then release lovey dovey photos to make it seem like Reggie is not going anywhere. She had the paparazzi on speed dial, and would call them without him knowing. He would often wonder how they knew where they were all the time. She would also have her friends take pictures and sell them to websites and split the money. If all else fails in her life, she should seek a career in public relations. Look what she turned fucking Ray J into, a multi-million dollar empire.


Are men telling it all?

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