Baller Mail: “My Girlfriend Allows Her Baby Daddy To Spend The Night At Her House ‘For the Kids’ And I Don’t Appreciate Him Staying Over. What Should I Do?”

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For today’s Baller Mail, our reader sent:

“So me and my GF have been in a relationship for a year and a half and we live in 2 different states. She has 3 kids 1 by me. Her 1st baby daddy has come over and spent the night a couple of times with out my knowledge. When I found out about him staying over I told her i didn’t appreciate him coming over to stay. So the other day she said he’s coming back with his brother and other kids to see his daughter who is 18 yrs old. I was like ok, not expecting him to spend the night over her house. Well he comes and I come back to the house only to find his stuff at her house. So I left the house. So I ask her why is he over here again and she says that he came to see his daughter and that she considers him family and that he can stay over her house. What should I do since she doesn’t respect my wishes?”

What advice would you give our reader?

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  1. You are a boyfriend and self-described “baby daddy.” The key term in your question is “her house.” Your wishes don’t count for much in her house, and they shouldn’t. Worry about what happens in your house, where you get to make the rules and where your wishes count. If you don’t want her to have a life independent of you, then convince her you are a good prospect for marriage or for her to live in your house. So far, she isn’t convinced, and she prefers to maintain her own household where she makes the rules and where her wishes are final. I can’t say I blame her. You shouldn’t try to make the rules in a house you aren’t paying for. Making a baby together gives you some say in a child’s life, but not in the mother’s life. She’s an adult who maintains her own household and her own adult relationships.

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