Baller Mail – New Orleans Saints Pierre Thomas White Girlfriend Loves The N-Word

Got a Baller Mail in on Pierre Thomas’ girlfriend who happens to be a pretty girl. Only problem is she’s white and enjoys dropping the N Bomb. She may be a little ratchet though because she ejoys Twitpic’ing her flight tickets from her Baller. Is ratchet an excuse to use the word? You be the judge.


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“Pierre Thomas is seeing this snow bunny wanna be white girl wanna be “Model” twodel named Candace. Her twitter is @candacedamiani  she tweeted out her ticket to her trip to Hawaii the he bought her and kept his name on it.. i noticed from following her she is always around athletes … always black men… and she tweets stuff saying nigga or nigger a few times.. i think she thinks it ok to do it cause she messes with a black man. I included the pictures of the ticket she tweeted if you look close to the top you can see his name stated ” pierre thomas” “

I love interracial love but this reminds me of Jen The Pen on Love and Hip Hop. Love you a black man but not afraid to show you’re above black people. That’s neither here nor there, I’m more concerned as to why her BALLER “boo” has her flying 6 and a half hours on a middle seat in economy class with no food on Valentine’s Day. What is love? Love is comfort, boo.

But you did.

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