Baller Mail – New Orleans Saints WR Robert Meachem Accused Of Sending Nudes To 17 Year Old

29 year old New Orleans Saints WR, Robert Meachem, may be in for a lot of drama after the mother of a 17 year old girl found his nudes in her daughter’s phone. Read the Baller Mail we received from a reader below.

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“I am good friends with a woman who has a 17 year old daughter. You know how with iPhones you can back up to an account. Well, her mom went into the account and found a sh** full of pics of Robert Meachem, #17 of the New Orleans Saints. Some nudes. Supposedly Robert met the 17 year old about a month and a half ago at a kids football camp in New Orleans and they’ve been carrying on ever since.”

Now 17 years old is a bit old to participate in the youth camps but maybe she was a volunteer or worked for the camp? It’s the only way she would have any real access to any of the players. If this is true, regardless of age of consent, a 29 year old and 17 year old is completely inappropriate.  

Added tea on Meachem, he recently got a divorce from his wife Shea Meachem and has 4 kids by 3 baby mamas (2 boys, 2 girls). Supposedly he’s back with Baby Mama #3, Jasmine Sterling, but with this new development, we’ll see how long that lasts. Meachem is only signed to a 1 year contract with the Saints so we’ll see how that works out. 

Anyway, check out the nude pic below. Unfortunately the person who sent in the Baller Mail could only grab a thumbnail so we’ll just have to make do. 

NSFW Pic Of Robert Meachem

Is it him?

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