Baller Mail – Say Bye Bye To Ice T And CoCo x Major Drama On Set!

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E Network has lost hope in their Ice Loves Coco reality show.


Season two is starting this month and the executives over at E are complaining that they are too boring, even suggesting they hire their own PR company so has to drum up attention for the new season. Its been suggested that Coco leak some risqué photos to the net (so look for those coming to you next I suppose).


Complaints such as “Ice and Coco are boring, all ice t does is play video games”, and “Coco is trying too hard to be like Kim Kardashian”

The crew has already been told that there will not be a 3rd season. Ratings for the first were subpar (you can see ratings here and they expectations by executives at E are dismal in comparison.


oh and, Marc Live, who appeared as Ice T’s side-kick in a few episodes of season 1 and is listed as a co-producer was fired for abusing alcohol on the set and being too drunk to perform his duties outside of filming.

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