Baller Mail – Was LHHATL DJ Baby Drew Fired By Chris Brown & That’s Why He Has No Money?

Have you been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? If so, you’re probably familiar with Traci Steele and her baby daddy DJ Baby Drew who happens to be Chris Brown’s tour DJ. Since the season premiere, Drew has had aspirations of starting a sneaker boutique in Atlanta. With the help of Traci’s $25,000 investment he hoped that the boutique would boost his popularity, income and most likely keep him home.


Well it looks like Baby Drew will be home whether he likes it or not, because it has been reported that he was FIRED by Chris Brown! 


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“Not only has Drew lost his $50,000 sneaker store investment but he’s also lost his primary source of income. Rumor has it that Chris Brown has fired his longtime tour DJ. It is said that DJ Baby Drew wanted to be a celebrity more than he wanted to be a DJ. Although Chris has had the same team for a very long time, he thought it was time to let him go.” 

That explains why Drew was so pressed for Traci’s money. Let me find out he took the $50,000 for himself!

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