Baller Mail – Where To Snag A Baller In Charlotte, NC

We’ve been getting a lot of posts in the Discussion Forum about where Ladies can find Ballers in different cities. Although we have probably touched on every city/hotel, there are always some new spots that pop up. This one is for the ladies in Charlotte, want to know where the Panthers celebrate after a game? A BA reader hits us with a little tip. Check it out below!


“There’s a really nice classy spot in Charlotte called Bubble in the epic center, they don’t call it a club, but a champagne lounge (it’s a club on Mondays and the weekends though). Damn near the entire offensive line was there last night, one of my homeboys who’s also on the offensive line hit me and told me to come through. I was tailgating all night so I wasn’t dressed in heels or a dress but I did look very cute. My hair wasn’t weaved up and I had on very very little makeup.


Needless to say when I got in and went to their section they were very welcoming and idk but they kept beautiful natural normal black chicks around. there were a couple “barbies” and “others” around but not compared to the amount of regular black chicks. A couple of the players kept running their fingers through my hair weird but I think they appreciated the normalcy. And the vibe was all love.


No crazy pictures taken from groupie chicks, just celebrating a victory. Cam was right in the mix too, it was cool to see his “black side” lol. He was in a hoodie and not flashy, just vibing to the music. He didn’t drink but he told all of us after the club was out that the after party was at his crib. Lol


I didn’t go lol but I just wanted to tell the BA chicks where they can find them when they win a game lol and less is more. And they loved the black chicks, and not light skin chicks but actual brown mocha colored chicks.”


Here’s some info on Bubble  Charlotte. Bubble Charlotte is a premiere champagne lounge  located at 210 E Trade St. They pride themselves on sophistication. They have a rewards program, I suggest if you want to appear like this isn’t your first time at the establishment, sign up for the card. Additional info on Bubble Charlotte can be found at

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