Baller Mail – “Why Does My Baller’s Wife Want To Meet With Me?”

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“About 2 years ago I was dealing with a very well known athlete who’s married and long story short things fell off and we stopped talking. Now when it happened, I was mad about how he really went about doing it. He cut off my money and didn’t pay my rent and really just played me so I made a fake fb page and wrote his wife, fwd pictures of him in EXTREMELY compromising situations and so on. Once I knew she received it, I deleted the page. He never confronted me, until now.


Two years later, a mutual friend told me his wife left him 2 months ago and moved back with her parents. I got a phone call from her last week saying she wanted to meet with me. NOW I have changed my number since the whole incident and the ONLY person that has it is that one mutual friend. The baller doesn’t even have it. I haven’t spoken with him in 2 years, I know I’m not the only person he cheated on her with but my thing is, WHY does she want to talk to me!?! It has been 2 years! I don’t know what she wants to meet with me for, I don’t owe her anything I feel. But I’m so uncertain. I don’t know if she’s planning a trip back to town or what, but its just a “coincidence” I find out she left him 2 months ago and NOW she wants to meet. I’m sure the mutual friend is being messy but I don’t know why.”


Well reader, I can definitely say that you left the gate wide open when you sent the wife pictures and made it obvious it was you. Even though it’s been two years, some things people don’t easily get over. Being cheated on by your husband is one of those things. She may have a lot on her mind right now and just wants to know why he chose to cheat. She may also want to beat the breaks off of you so tread lightly. Visiting with her is completely up to you. Know that if you do meet with her, the possibility of drama will come along with it.  If you’re comfortable knowing that, make sure you don’t meet with her alone. 


I do suggest speaking with her for the sake of her sanity and your own. Speak with her over the phone. Explain to her that you are very busy with a schedule that will not allow for you guys to meet but you are more than happy to answer any questions. Phone conversations allow for you to be in total control of what information you divulge. If she starts acting catty you can always just hang up.


What do you think this reader should do? Any advice?

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