BALLER ON PARADE: Rappers/Singers turned actors attend the ‘Life and Style’ Awards in Hollywood …

We takin over…one movie at at time! Lol!

Triple threat!

This weekend ‘Actors’ Chris Bridges, Tyrese, and Eve attended the 2008 Hollywood Life Style Awards that was held at the Pacific Design Center last nite. It must have been a good night for Luda because he even received an award. Yay! More pix down below…


Luda won an award…cool!

Not her hottest look, but I’m lovin the hair!


Da Boyz…

Damn Luda dun changed! He actually looks like you could take hime home to mama! Cute!

Ok….put it away please.

Lovin those shoes Ms Tichina!

Pix from WENN.


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