Ballerifc Fashion: Nails by Kandi

Ladies,  we love to look good an a part of that is making sure that I nails look great. I found someone one is hooking up nails like never before. Meet Kandi a young California native who as  we would say “can hook some nails up”. I got a chance to learn a little bit more about this amazing young woman an what she has going on make sure check out photos of her work.


Where are you from?

I’m from the Bay Area


How did you get your start in doing nails?

I started doing nails randomly. I was doing little designs on myself then my room mate wanted her’s done too. Then all of a sudden I was doing my neighbors nails and friends from school. In December 2010 Natalie Nunn came across my twitter and I ended up doing her nails. From that point It started to become serious. 


What is your personality like?

I’m really nice and outgoing. I have a crazy side but it’s not a bad thing, it’s actually quite funny.

What do you do besides nails?
Im a student at FIDM Majoring in product development. I also do voiceovers.

Where can people contact for an appointment?

Follow me on twitter @MmmKandiyamz from there you can check out my tumblr. You can also reach me through email,[email protected]


Here are a few photos of her work:




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