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Whipped body goods is a premier line of luxury butters, oils and cremes designed to moisturize & condition even the driest among us. Many individuals have found relief from eczema, psoriasis, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea & a host of other ailments. Their recipes are tried & true, created by holistic healer & organic chef Lauren Wiley.

Frustrated with the realization that most so-called “all natural” & “hand made” brands are actually everything but, Lauren decided to offer her selection as a true alternative to store-bought goods. apparently it’s exactly what the people have been missing because whipped has been wildly successful since it’s launch.

Each product is made from the very best organic, raw & unrefined materials whipped together to form customized soufflés for every body care need. Whipped specializes in products that not only do what they say they will, but also smell wonderful, and help to achieve radiance beyond your expectations.

All products are made from just a few ingredients that are familiar to all; no scary chemicals or components that you’d need to be a scientist to read, everything on here is minimalistic and safe for sensitive skin. Their focus is on serious moisturization & restoring healthy skin without all of the fluff.

Each item is made to order by hand especially for the client!

I was able to try 3 whipped products – bikini line butter, night time eye creme, & lip creme. Two things that I can say about all 3 products- I love the texture & I love the smell.

Bikini Line Butter
I’ve started using this product right after a Brazilian wax. I have sensitive skin, and it normally gets dry & irritated after a waxing. I waited like 2 minutes after my waxing & massaged this into my bikini line and my skin looked & felt soothing. It calmed down the redness & my skin did not feel irritated at all. After about a week of use, I’ve noticed my bikini looking & feeling so hydrated. My skin down there is radiant! This product is also said to help with ingrown hairs. I wax regularly, so I don’t really have a problem with them. However, I know some of us tend to shave in between waxes, or just shave, & that will cause ingrown hairs. Solve this problem, NOW! Interested in purchasing this product? Click here.

Night Time Eye Creme
This eye creme is designed to give your eyes a cool drink every night, penetrating below the surface of the skin to keep everything plump & tight. Personally, my eye problem is my dark circles. Well, at least that’s what I thought until I started using this product. I’ve noticed my circles lighter after one use & I noticed my skin looking tighter as well. I never thought my skin needed to be tightened, until I saw it tightened. After a few days of use, my mother joked with me & asked me if I had gotten botox. THIS PRODUCT IS A GIFT IN A BOTTLE! As you may, or may not, know – I’m a make-up artist. After a few uses of this amazing product, I don’t need concealer under my eyes with my foundation! DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED THAT THIS MADE ME?! This is a great treatment!! If you only take one bit of information from this whole post, take this – this night time eye creme is perfection! It fixed an imperfection that I did not even realize I had. 2 thumbs way up! Interested in purchasing this product? Click here.

Lip Creme
After one use, I decided I needed to add this to my daily morning beauty regimen. A little bit of this product goes a long way. It’s extremely hydrating. It can be worn by itself or under your favorite lip product. I love this product under lipstick! Before applying lipstick, I apply the lip creme & wait a few for my lips to soak up all of the product. When you apply the lipstick, you’ll notice it goes on smoothly & the pigment of the lipstick looks amazing. One thing I liked is using this under red lipstick; it helped with feathering! This product can take place of your lip hydration AND your lip primer. I keep this in my purse. I was the dummy one time & left it in my car, it melted. It’s no longer “whipped” but it still works great. Interested in buying this product? Click here.

I’ve heard so much about this line & I am was beyond excited to finally give it a try. I will definitely be trying out more products, so you will be seeing more reviews in the near future. But why take my word for it? Try it out for yourself by visiting Once you try something, let me know what you think! I might have to try it too! 🙂

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