Ballerific Charity: Washington Redskins Deliver Medical Supplies to Haiti for Hurricane Relief

In the wake of the recent natural disaster that has claimed hundreds of lives in the Caribbean and several in the United States, the Washington Redskins have reached out to help those in need.
The team’s wide receiver, Pierre Garçon and defensive end, Ricky Jean Francois, flew down to Haiti to personally deliver medical supplies from the team’s doctor and staff at Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port Au Prince, reports state.
Both players, who are of Haitian decent, were very grateful to the team’s owner, Dan Snyder, for the his thoughtful gesture. Snyder had been asking Garçon about the well-being of his family out in the Caribbean, even before Hurricane Matthew blew through. Afterwards, Snyder asked Garçon again if his family was safe, and if the wide receiver would like to go down to Haiti, to which Garçon answered in the affirmative.
So, Garçon flew down to help those in need, and check on his family.
“Haiti definitely needs a lot of help, there’s a lot of things that need to be done, but it’s very important to give the help that we can because that helps start the train of helping other people and continue to help around the country,” Garçon said.
Alongside the wide receiver was his teammate, Francois, who was able to see with his own eyes how the community was banning together to rebuild itself.
“Before the storm one of the ladies from the hospital told us they came together before the storm and had everything prepared and now they just trying to open up roads, it don’t have cement roads, they have dirt roads, they’re trying to open up roads and get more supplies out, but now I’m hearing they’re doing air drops in different areas,” Jean Francois said. “and the best part is everything is coming together the way it should have done a long time ago even when the earthquake hit, but just to see it yourself, to see it with your own eyes, just blessed.”
With the team’s owner lending a helping hand to provide the means for the NFL ballers to provide relief for those in need, everyone in the organization felt proud of how they spent their off day.
“We are very fortunate to have resources and the means to step in and make a difference in times of peril,” Snyder said. “Even though we are not a relief organization, I felt it was critically important for us to use our resources to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew.”

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