We’ve seen their lives progress before our eyes each & every Thursday night at 9:00pm. The anticipation is high for yet another Bad Boy Entertainment hit. With Day 26 waiting in the rafters to release their sophomore release Forever In a Day in stores April 14th, this season they’ve had more trials than triumphs. While on their promo tour, their days are numbered with interviews upon interviews, in-store appearances, just to name a few. However, yours truly caught up with the baby boy of the group, Que to discuss the “real” in reality tv, his special woman, the infamous “timeout” and more.

Check the exclusive interview below:

BA: On behalf of I’d like to extend our thanks for this interview.

Que: No problem.

BA: With the album due in stores April 14th, I hear you guys are currently on your promo tour, how’s that going?

Que: The promo tour is going very well, we reach out to all of our fans, taking pictures, making sure we accomodate everybody. Hitting up the different radio stations promoting our current single as well as the album which drops April 14th. Your boys day 26 we’ve just been busy. Working hard. I’ve never seen us work this hard! We haven’t had time for sleep. We’re just working hard!

BA: Of course that’s part of the day of the life of a Bad Boy group.

Que: Yes Maam

BA: Given your life has unfolded before the eyes of millions, many of us have noticed a change from last season to now. Inquiring minds would like to know, what has sparked the change, what has brought about the “bitchassness”?

Que: I don’t think there’s been a change in Que. I’m a person with a strong opinion. I think the way I was portrayed this season was a result of people not really understanding where was I was coming from. I don’t feel MTV showed the full story & if they did people wouldn’t think I’m crazy,they would get it. I made a couple of mistakes as a result. I grew up from them. People have to understand I’m a young man, I make mistakes. I’m my own person, I chose to be honest this season & show my fans my flaws. I want to be loved for just being Que. I didn’t want to put on a front. I want to people to know Que for Que. I want them to know I am a sensitive guy.I do want to apologize to all my fans for stepping out of character. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. Its a growing process. People just have to realize I am a young adult & have a lot of growing to do.

BA: Being an avid watcher of the show I can see things for what they are. People who aren’t in the limelight don’t really understand, so its easier for them us to judge before knowing the full story.

Que: Yea, i want people to understand that with this kind of television, the story is much deeper than what they show. They’re not showing everything so it kinda makes me look crazy. Cuz if I’m looking at it as an outsider not knowing the full story, I’d be like that boy looks crazy as hell(laughs). But I understand, that’s why I apologized. If they knew the full story, they’d be like, he’s crazy. but not crazy crazy, they’d be like, ok I get it, it all makes sense.

BA: Seemingly your life has changed for the better, what has been the most expensive purchase you’ve made for yourself? And your special woman, Dawn?

Que: Uhh, the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought I would say would be a house for my family. The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought for Dawn, (slight pause) I buy her whatever she wants. Its like whatever I want, she gets me & vice versa. Its not really a price in our relationship. Whatever she wants & if I wanna give it to her she gets it, you know what I mean. We’re both independent, so when we give each other things its just like they’re not gifts because we don’t really need them. I guess that’s not a big part of our relationship, its the love. I think the love is the biggest part of our relationship.

Given you two are both doing your independent thing right & you’re away from her for months at a time, how do you handle it?

Que: Its hard being away from Dawn. With her working & I’m working, its hard. I mean, I’m in love with her, and not being able to see someone you love, hurts. Its like being away from your family, I love my family & not being able to see them hurts. Its hurts.

BA: Awww, its Ok, Que…

Que: laughs

BA: With the album in stores on Tuesday, we get to witness Que, the writer, on Perfectly Blind, which hints around to the financial troubles you dealt with on the show, what advice can you give those young people who perceive success by what they see on tv?

Que: (excited) Yeaaaa. I would tell people who want to be in the industry that don’t think everything is going to be given to you. You’re going to have to work hard for your career.People think you sign the deal, get the advance and that’s it Its a long process. You have to get on the grind, doing promo tours, you have to build a relationship with your fans & radio. people have to get to know & love you. Don’t think its easy. Have God in your life, have people who really care about you in your corner. Don’t get caught up in the hype, don’t fall for the banana that’s in the tail pipe. Know that you’re going to make mistakes, learn & grow. I will leave with a quote that Diddy always says, “Emotions will leave you broke”. In this business you can’t so emotional & sensitive.

I think with us its different. We didn’t know each other. We’re five guys from different places with different personalities. So we had build that relationship to know that hey, Que is a sensitive guy, or Robert & Brian have a temper, or any circumstance. We had to go through our fights to realize that. I learned you can’t be so sensitive(laughs) because no one cares about your feelings, you have to have tough skin or they will eat you up as I learned. I might’ve looked a little crazy in the end, but I found out.

BA: Diddy told you were put on time-out, what exactly happened during that time & what did you learn?

Que: (laughs) Yeah, well I went home & had a talk with my mom & she basically sat me down & told me I need to learn how to listen & not let my emotions get to me. We hugged & I think that when I went home, I had a wake-up call, I missed the guys. It was like, it all had been snatched away from me in an instant. It was a big wake-up call, & I learned so much from it. I learned that I never want to be in timeout again, its EMBARRASSING! (laughs)

BA: With Dawn’s current situation with Danity Kane, has her advice help you to put things in perspective?

Que: I think if it weren’t for Dawn somewhat, I don’t think Day 26 would be together maybe. As you all saw on the show, we were really about to end it, our emotions got the best of us. I thank God for her knowledge, & I thank God for me being humble, because some guys are too prideful to listen to what a girl has to say. I don’t care who it is, if you give good advice I’m going to listen.

Despite the rigorous schedule in which Day26 is enduring at the present time to promote Forever In a Day in stores APRIL 14TH, Que was a pleasant surprise. He gave it to me straight, no chaser. He has a vibrant personality & a true sweetheart. I guess its true when they say believe half of what you see & none of what you hear. Lots of people choose to live in a fantasy world versus the cold world of reality.

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